How To Use OmegaStrap Ratchet Straps

Welcome to! My name is Brad Willodson and today I'm going to show you how to use OmegaStrap ratchet straps. To illustrate how the unique features and innovative design drastically improve the tie down experience, I will walk you through how to tie down a motorcycle to a trailer. 



Loading with OmegaStrap 

How to setup a ratchet strap seems complicated, but is simple once you understand how it's done. I begin by removing the elastic loop that is storing the wound up ratchet strap. Then I’ll just uncoil the strap from the knob. You’ll want to attach the distal hook-end of the ratchet strap to an anchor point on the trailer. Now, most times you have trouble with this step. As you try to put the hook in place, it often falls loose as soon as you move to the begin securing the other side of your load. So what we have done to eliminate this common issue is engineer a patented flexible hook. I simply bend the flex-hook straight, then drop the hook down through its anchor point, and bend the hook over the top to secure it. Brilliant! I am then free to continue securing my load without worrying about my hook falling off. 


The next question people have is which way do I load a ratchet strap, or how do I thread a ratchet strap? It can be a little confusing. What we have done is with the OmegaStrap is create functionality so that you can always turn the control knob a quarter turn to align the axel right where you need it to load the strap through the slot on the back side. This gives you the ability to always load your ratchet strap quickly, easily, and properly. 


Next, I hook the other end of my strap up to the motorcycle, pull it taut with one hand and turn the control knob with the other hand until the strap is taut between the anchor points. Then I make sure that everything is okay with my load and its positioning. I’ll go ahead and ratchet down my load it in until the strap is tight against the other side.


Once I've got my OmegaStrap tightened to where I want it, I take the tail end of the excess strap and I just wrap it around the control knob. Once I have reached the end of the excess tail, I take the elastic loop that is attached to the ratchet buckle, and I loop it over that portion of the strap for the trip. That's it! I’m done and ready to hit the road.


Only OmegaStrap gives you such a simple and hassle-free tie down experience with its patented features.  No need to tie a ratchet strap up in knots before hitting the road. The control knob and elastic loop eliminate you having to tie-off excess straps with random knots, or having the excess strap tails flailing off your vehicle as you're driving down the highway. Not a good look any day of the week.


Unloading with OmegaStrap

I am often asked how to loosen a ratchet strap. We made it a point to make sure users of OmegaStrap can easily release the ratchet strap in a safe and gentle way.  Once I've reached my destination, I'm ready to take the motorcycle off of the trailer.  I start by removing the elastic loop that is fastened around the knob. Once removed, the excess tail is easily uncoiled from the knob.


I've got the motorcycle up off of its kickstand. I don't want it to rebound or fall over when I release the ratchet strap tension. With regular ratchet straps uncontrolled release, or “popping loose”, is a familiar issue users face. Uncontrolled release can damage your cargo, or worse cause injury to yourself or others. With all the tension on the strap that is necessary to hold your cargo secure, releasing a standard ratchet strap can be a dangerous game. Perhaps I would have another bike or some other cargo next to whatever it is I am unloading. I don't want my motorcycle to hit that bike so I as I release the OmegaStrap I use the control knob as a brake so that tension releases gently and my motorcycle lands softly on its kickstand.


This might be the point where you would get a jam, which is really common with a standard ratchet strap. You'll never get a jam with the Omega strap because you're always able to use the knob to turn the strap straight out of the ratchet. Fixing a jammed ratchet strap is something you'll rarely do with OmegaStrap.


Finally, people often ask how to store ratchet straps. So, to stow the OmegaStrap away until its next use I spend approximately 10 seconds winding the entire strap up around the ratchet handle. Then I pull the attached elastic loop over the whole unit to secure it in place. When not in use, the elastic loop keeps your ratchet straps self-contained and easy to store. No more tangled pile of ratchet straps to contend with! Omegastrap ratchet straps store more easily than any other strap out there. Ratchet strap storage has been a perennial headache for as long as they have been around. No more wasting time trying to untangle a ratchet strap.


That is a general overview of how to use OmegaStrap ratchet straps. OmegaStrap is designed to make your life on the road easier, smarter and more enjoyable. If you have any questions about OmegaStrap please contact us!

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