Our Story

Welcome to OmegaStrap.

My name is Brad, and I have always had MacGyver tendencies...except without blowing anything up!

Frustrated by recurring bad experiences with regular ratchet straps, it became my mission to improve them. The task of tying everything down was tedious and frustrating. Over the years I fought jams, loose ends, and a bottomless pile of tangled straps time and time again.

Desperation made me realize that what was needed was a redesign of the common ratchet strap to make it more user friendly! 

OmegaStrap brings together the highest quality components and materials with intelligent design to create a ratchet strap that makes all others archaic.
We believe in quality, customer service, and creating innovative products that make the job faster, the trip smoother, and life easier. Omegastrap was born out of over 30 years of industry experience. Our patented product represents years of field experience and engineering work to bring a better tie down to the world.

OmegaStrap does things you won't understand until you've used one. Once you do, you'll never use a regular ratchet strap again.

I guarantee it.

Brad Willodson
Inventor of OmegaStrap

OmegaStrap founder Brad Willodson strapping a motorcycle to a trailer.
OmegaStrap founder Brad Willodson holding ratchet strap buckles.
OmegaStrap founder Brad Willodson and his wife Sarah.
OmegaStrap founder Brad Willodson attending to a repair on a dirt bike.

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