Designed to make your life on the road easier, smarter and more enjoyable.

Ratchet tie-down straps have been loved yet reviled for decades as they jam, confuse, and frustrate the user.

We knew there had to be a better way. That's why we created OmegaStrap.

Ratchet straps, outsmarted.

  • OmegaStrap ratchet straps logo. The patented control knob is shown as a negative image highlighting the finger notches that give the user full control over release, clearing jams, and easy storage of the excess strap tail.

See how OmegaStrap® works!

3 Patented Features To Make Your Job Easier.

Best ratchet strap! OmegaStrap's patented control knob on display.

Command Total Control

The Control Knob puts you in command of jam clearing, loading, initial tightening, controlled release of the load, and storage of the excess tail.

The OmegaStrap ratchet strap secured to an anchor point via patented flexible hook.

Get It Right The First Time

The versatile flex hook vastly increases your success of loading without repeated trips around the load to reset it or the inconvenience of trying to keep tension on it as you load.

OmegaStrap ratchet straps storage loop shown holding excess strap and storing unused strap.

Easy & Effortless Storage

Storage of excess tie-down strap tail is effortless thanks to the attached loop. When not in use, the elastic loop keeps your ratchet straps self-contained and easy to store. No more tangled pile of ratchet straps to contend with.

OmegaStrap has been awarded 3 patents by the USPTO.

What OmegaStrap USers are saying

Genius. Simple. Finally. Three words that sum up the OmegaStrap. If you have ever had a dirt bike fall over in the back of your truck when you release the strap, or been forced to lose time re-hooking or un-jamming, the damage doesn't go away and you never get that time back. This product will not only help your blood pressure, but it will save you time and money.

Tyler F. | Landscaping manager