The Revolutionary New


There is a new more intelligent twist on the old tie-down strap. 

Ratchet Strap Despair!

The Problems!


The ratchet tie-down mess!  Why has the ratchet tie down strap gone for decades without somebody doing something truly innovative to make it work more easily? For lack of something better, we have tolerated the frustration over jams, loading, falling hooks, and messy storage. The NEW design employs a few simple ideas that make this tool so many of us find frustrating a whole lot better. 

The Solutions!


OmegaStrap's control knob creates the jam-free easy-to-use tie-down that ends the frustration of loading, falling hooks, flying tails, and inconvenient storage. The knob finally gives you control of jam clearing, loading, initial tightening, release of the load, and storage of the tail. 

The Innovative Flex-hook!


The flexible hook is versatile and vastly increases your success of loading without repeated trips around the load to reset it, or the inconvenience of trying to keep tension on it as you load it. The elastic loop conveniently stores the tail when traveling and the whole strap for storage.

Join the Ratchet Revolution!

We are alive and kicking as the production begins. Our first products will be available soon 

What's The Buzz?


We are bringing it to you!

 The first production run will be  a 14 ft , 1500 lb* edition and have a sleek all-black look with the red control knob and red elastic storage loop.

*500 pound working limit

Heard on the street:

"Brilliant!".....Alex S. (Engineer)

"You are a genius. Thanks be to God!" .....LeRoy G. (Gracious man)

"Elegantly simple." ...............Chuck R. (Engineer)

"I need more straps, but won't buy them until yours are out." .......Max (Inventory Manager)

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